Give and Take

So, Christmas … You know, given how massive a year it’s been for a particular producer, remixing and re-fixing such giants as Adele, Radiohead, and Gil-Scott Heron, I’m surprised there’s yet to appear something like A Very Jamie xxmas. Ba-da-bing! (Is that what you say after a joke?)

The real reason I’m here is to share a song that is not necessarily a Christmas song, although it is titled “Xmas Song,” so maybe it is a Christmas song, I don’t know. Whether it’s strictly a proper holiday tune may be beside the point, because with its winning admixture of sardonic, bittersweet lyrics and celebratory guitar rock (a combination never before attempted, I should note), it seems fit to be played at year’s end. The opening lyrics humorously register the feeling that adult-human-being-hood and childhood are terribly far away but somehow parasitically intimate: “Last night, after sex, I was lying awake in bed/ With visions of sugar-plums dancing around my head.” There’s also an extended instrumental refrain with a few horns thrown in that should make you feel pretty good after you’ve enjoyed a few Christmas spirits. So the track is “Xmas Song” by Gold-Bears, from their album Are You Falling in Love?, out on what is apparently this blog’s pet label, Slumberland Records.


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