Exploratory committee

In this post I’d like to ask what everyone is looking forward to in music this year. Are any of your favorite artists expected to release new albums? Have you discovered any great tracks from upcoming discs? Feel free to talk about movies or life events also.

I’ll begin.

The Magnetic Fields – Love at the Bottom of the Sea (03/06 Merge)

“Andrew in Drag” is the best song I’ve heard all year. That’s only three weeks, but I feel comfortable predicting an extended run. How do you go about writing yet another version of the kind of song that’s been done so many times throughout your band’s long career? It’s easy, just do a good job. Things will turn out OK.

Frankie Rose – Interstellar (02/21 Slumberland)

More Slumberland love. “Know Me” gets away from current garage revivalism and encroaches upon the dream-pop style of much of the Captured Tracks roster, but it still has a little Dum Dum Girls boldness in the vocal delivery.

Grimes – Visions (02/21 4AD)

Last year’s “Vanessa” was a superb piece of weird music, and “Genesis” (above) from the forthcoming Visions is right up there in terms of being addictive and also kind of disquieting, sort of like those duplicate pictures where everything is the same except for a few little unassuming details. It’s also strange how you can’t really isolate the 50s rock and roll, contemporary radio pop, and 80s Cocteau Twins styles, but they all seem to be there, competing for primacy.

Tanlines – Mixed Emotions (03/20 True Panther)

Tanlines are one of the few notable American bands doing the balearic electronic pop thing (a style I associate a lot more with Scandinavian artists). They’re a bit harder edged and beat driven than a project like Elite Gymnastics (also worth checking out, for a ton of free mixtapes and a great LP out on AcĂ©phale). Tanlines have been around for a little while now without releasing a truly accomplished full-length album. I’m hoping Mixed Emotions finally makes good on the promise of some of their better tracks: at their best they sound self-possessed and incredibly clear.


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